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Understanding Federal and State Home Loan Programs

For many people, federal and state home loan assistance programs provide major benefits. These government loan programs allow first-time home buyers, veterans, military personnel, low-income buyers and people with credit history problems to realize their dream of owning a home faster and easier. American Portfolio Mortgage offers four types of government loan programs: FHA loans, VA … Read more

Do you qualify for a VA Home Loan?

How to Qualify for a VA Home Loan Program Gershman Mortgage | VA Home Loan Program A VA home loan is one of the most attractive home financing options available. For veterans, military personnel, and their families, a VA loan offers substantial benefits that are generally not available with more conventional loans. If you are … Read more

Why do Mortgage Rates Fluctuate?

Understanding Mortgage Rate Fluctuations Mortgage Rates | Gershman Mortgage If you are considering an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) then understanding how mortgage rates fluctuate is likely to be one of your main concerns. Even if you are in the market for a fixed-rate mortgage, you may want to know how those fixed rates are set in the … Read more